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Unlimited Service Desk Support 9-6

Our service desk consists of friendly Microsoft certified engineers that are available between the hours of 9-6, as a single point of contact to resolve and offer advise on any concerns you may have.

To maintain quality standards our Service Desk follows ITIL framework methodologies and best practice to deliver the service

We have a number of support teams that specialise in different areas including server, network and applications so that once a call is logged it can be passed to the correct team who specialise in that field to resolve the incident promptly.

Take advantage of this service and contact our service desk as many times as you need to combat any issues or concerns you may have.

For further details about our service desk and the simple process of raising incidents, please click here

This service is fully includes with all 3 packages

Unlimited Service Desk Support 24/7

If your business requires IT Support 24 hours a day, then this is the service for you. We have a dedicated 24/7 support team with a single point of contact for all incidents and queries.

For further details on how our service desk operates and what we offer please click here

This service is only included with Package 3

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

A service level agreement is a contract between the service provider (us) and the customer that specifies what services we will furnish.

With all 3 of our packages we will include an SLA contract detailing a common understanding about services, priorities, responsibilities, guarantees and escalations.

The response and fix times can be easily tailored to meet your business needs. If you require these tailoring, then please click here

This service is includes with all 3 packages

Network Management & Support

The management of any IT network is a key function to ensure that the network is operating and running smoothly. We offer a 24/7 server and network monitoring service, specialising in managing Small Business Servers, Terminal Servers and File and Print Servers.

Check out our Tech Spec for a detailed description of what we support.

For a further detailed description including the benefits of this service click here

Backup administration

This service ensures that any back-up software you have in place will be administrated, making sure all scheduled backups are running smoothly without any issues.

If you do not have a back-up solution in place, why not take a look at our online backup solution in more detail at online data backup solutions

This service is included in packages 2 & 3

Patch & Upgrade Support

This service involves acquiring, testing, and the installation of multiple patches to both hardware and software within your IT Infrastructure. It is crucial to keep up-to-date with patch upgrades to mitigate the risks of such exploitation. Updates included:

Service included in all 3 packages

Asset Management

Keeping track of your company assets can become a full time task. As your company expands you purchase new hardware and software, keeping track of all your assets can become a timely and costly experience.

This service is dedicated to ensuring that you know exactly what is on your network and where assets are located, without the need for physical or manual checking.

Our asset management solution is incorporated into our service desk support tool detailing an inventory of all assets, not just hardware and software, but license compliance, regulatory compliance, and security.

From looking into the asset inventory we can exactly tell you where hardware/software is located, how they’re configured and when any changes are made to them.

With this service we will carry out a full audit of all your assets and barcode hardware enabling us to centrally manage all assets.

For further details on this service please click here

This service is only include with Package 3

Email Support

As email is one of the most commonly and effective ways of communicating, it is key that support is available to combat any issues whilst sending or receiving mails. More importantly email is the easiest and most used method in infecting your PC with viruses.

This service includes dedicated email support and advise on how to combat viruses through emails and more commonly spam issues that you may have.

This service is included with all 3 packages

Email Management

Email is the number 1 way that viruses get at your computer. Our email services blocks email threats before they reach your network providing intelligent policy-based management and routing of email.

We can offer you the expertise and technology to wipe out email intrusion for good.

This service includes the management of your email system ensuring you’ll get a reliable system with support from us.

For further details on the service we provide including the benefits, then please click here

This service is included with Packages 2 & 3

Unlimited Remote Management of PC’s

This service is a complete PC management solution carried out through pro-active monitoring ensuring you get the most out of your PC! And helps us resolve your IT issues.

Remote monitoring of PC’s is completely secure. If we need to gain access to one of your PC’s we will always ask your permission first.

All data is encrypted throughout as the software we use provides a highly secure connection with 128-bit, end-to-end AES encryption.

All PC’s within your set-up will be constantly monitored, managing all system resources ensuring that your PC continues to run smoothly. Services included:

Available with Packages 2 & 3

Microsoft Exchange Server Management

Microsoft Exchange Server is a complete E-mail and messaging solution. It is includes with most server OS systems. There are many advantages of having MS Exchange Server including being able to access mails from anywhere, mobile messaging, web-based messaging and built in protection.

To ensure all the features of this powerful emailing solution are running smoothly and allowing you to utilise its features we offer a management service combating any issues and allowing for email communication and access to run efficiently.

This service is only included with Package 3

3rd Party Software administration

If you have specialist software that requires administrating then you will benefit from taking this service?

We will administrate all your 3rd party software ensuring it’s up-to-date and continue to run smoothly.

Service only included within Package 3

ISP Management

This service offer complete peace of mind, leave us to deal with your ISP provider! Any issues with your ISP and we will directly liaise and manage through to resolution.?

Service only included within Package 3

Security Management

With our security service you no longer have to worry about threats such as hackers, viruses, worms, trojans or spyware. We aim to customise the security features which you require and then configure, install and manage the security of your network 24/7.

This service includes network security, email security and web security. Advise is always at hand from our Security specialists keeping your systems protected in this increasingly complex environment.

For more detail regarding this service please click here

This service is included with Packages 2 & 3

Onsite Hardware & Software Support

Our service desk will be always available to assist within any hardware or software issues you have. However if further on-site support is required our Microsoft certified engineers are based all over the UK ensuring that we can provide a local response to solve your on-site hardware or software issues.

Please note additional costs for this service do apply.

This service can be included in all 3 packages

Scheduled Onsite Visits

This service includes one of our Microsoft certified engineer to attend your site for an agreed time to floor walk and fix and issues face-to-face.

You can benefit from asking any IT related questions or queries you have to our engineer and be assured he will be able to assist in any way he can.

As this service is only available with Package 3, if taken a fixed number of visits will be discussed and arranged with your company

Service Reporting Suite

This service provides you with a monthly service reporting pack showing the performance of IT Support Office Manager for the previous month. The report includes:

This service is included with Packages 2 & 3

Disaster Recovery Plan

This service includes a complete delivery of disaster recovery strategies ensuring business continuity is covered.

We will undertake a full analysis into all your IT assets and produce a disaster recovery plan ensuring that if ever there was a disaster we would be able to recover business critical systems and get your business up and running by following the disaster recovery plan.

Service includes:

To check out this service in further detail please click here

This service is included with packages 2 & 3

Site Survey

We offer a free site visit from one of our Microsoft qualified network consultants to advise on how you can maximise your current IT resources and ways of improvements.

We offer a free appraisal guiding you in the right direction for all your IT needs.

Our consultant will assess your current IT infrastructure and understand your business needs from which we will devise an IT strategy to build an infrastructure in-line with your business requirements.

This service is included with Package 3

Offsite Data Back-up Solution

As data is one of the most valuable assets to most businesses, if you lost all your data and didn’t have any backup solutions in place, would you still be able to trade?

For the increasing need to most businesses of a backup solution, we offer an offsite data backup solution which ensures all your critical data is backed up offsite, as part of an automated process, leaving you with complete peace of mind knowing your data is safe and if ever needed recovering could be easily done!

This service is offered under all 3 packages at an additional cost. For further information click here