IT Support for PC’s & Laptops

The Five Rivers support service for personal computers and laptops provides a reactive, high-quality and cost-effective solution that gives you quick access to Microsoft Certified professionals when you need them.

The Five Rivers support service for personal computers and laptops delivers a high-quality solution at a low cost and provides:

  • Quick access to our Microsoft certified professionals
  • Help when you need it with no limit to the number of problems you can raise
  • A single point of contact for all your IT issues
  • Advice and help with your virus/spyware issues
  • On-demand advice
  • Installation of new hardware and software
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£11.00 per PC

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Reliable single point of contact for all our IT issues. Miss B Cheverton – Parcels R Go

Technical Specification


  • Remote Printer Installation & Incident Diagnosis
  • Remote Fax Installation & Incident Diagnosis
  • PC Hardware Incident Diagnosis
  • Remote Scanner Installation & Incident Diagnosis
  • PC Hardware Installation & Configuration*
  • Camera Configuration

Operating System (OS)

  • OS Installation & Configuration
  • Mac OS Support
  • Remote OS Incident Diagnosis & Resolution
  • Patch Release Installation and Support

Windows Systems

  • MS Windows XP, inc. Professional
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 98
  • Windows Vista, inc. Business
  • Windows 2000, inc. Professional
  • Windows NT


  • MS Office troubleshooting - Versions Supported: 98, 2000, 2003, 2007
  • Remote Application Incident Diagnosis & Resolution
  • Firewall Installation & Configuration
  • Security Support
  • PC Application Installation & Configuration
  • Virus & Spyware troubleshooting
  • Security Software Installation & Configuration
  • Backup Software Installation and Configuration

NOTE: * Remote Installations Only. If you require for an engineer to attend additional costs apply.


Is this service subject to a 12 month minimum contract?
Correct, this service is subject to 12 months minimum, however an initial review will be carried out after 3 months to assess the level of service and if changes, whereby any agreed necessary service can be adjusted.
Can I add additional personal computer's throughout the duration of my contract?
Of course, just contact your account manager and the necessary adjustments to your contract will be made, and any further costings will be advised.
How many times can I call the Service Desk per day?
You call as many times as you need! We do not limit the numbers of requests you raise. Our Service Desk is available from the hours of 9-5:30.
Does this service include hardware maintenance?
No, however if through remote diagnostics we identify an issue with your hardware, we can arrange for one of our engineers to visit your site to carry out further diagnostics, at an additional cost.
Will you have access to my personal computers at all times?
No, we will only take control of your personal computers once you have confirmed we can do so.
How do I go about contacting your Service Desk?
There are 2 methods in which you can use to contact us to report an issue:
Contact us on 0845 838 0655 or Email:
If you have a question we have not covered, please contact us to enquire.
What if you are unable to resolve my fault remotely?
If we are unable to resolve your fault remotely, we will contact you and advise of the situation and recommend the best way forward. However we are able to provide on-site support at an additional cost.
Can I upgrade my service package to a higher level?
Yes, simply contact your account manager and they will arrange to change your service level as required..
Does this service include monthly reporting?
No, however you can add-on this option if required. Monthly reporting will typically include:
  • All Incidents raised with the Service Desk for the previous month
  • Number of Incidents which have achieved and breached SLA
  • Incident response and fix times
  • ADHOC single incident reports within 8 hours
  • Number of viruses detected and removed
Im ready to buy this service, how to I proceed?
Simple. Just click on the buy now option below and follow the simple steps.
What is covered under the contract?
Only the specific system(s) that was registered at the contract sign up is covered.
Do you cover support for bespoke applications?
No, please take a look at the What is Covered? for a full listings of applications we support
What Operating Systems and Software do you support?
Check out our What is Covered? to find a full listing of what we support.
Do you cover 3rd party software support?
No, however if you require this service please contact us , alternatively if you already have a contract with us simply contact your account manager.
Can I cancel my contract at any point?
If you have signed up for a 12 month contract, then we would require 30 days notice. Please contact your account manager if you are considering terminating your contract. Additional charges may apply.
How do I renew my contract?
Simple, we will send you a reminder a few weeks before it due to expire and if you are happy we everything there is no need to contact us and we will automatically renew it. If you have a question we have not covered, please contact us to enquire.

Incident Support (PC)

  • Quick Access to one of our Microsoft certified engineer.
  • No fee will be charged until we discuss and agree how we can resolve the issue.
  • Price is £20* per incident
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*maximum call time 30 mins

Our servers and personal computers are crucial to our business, we chose fiverivers after looking at many other companies over 3 years ago. We have not been disappointed with the service. They have been very supportive and flexible during our expansion. I would recommend them to any company who require reliable and straight forward assistance.

John Moores
Manager - Move Fast

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Redstones Solutions is a dynamic and independently run company, operating within the rental, sales and management of properties arena.

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Client: Avery Knights Solicitors
Avery Knights are a professional legal firm providing a personal, friendly, competitive and efficient service.

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Who is it for?

The increased reliability of hardware and software has gone hand-in-hand with its greater complexity. This means that when something does go wrong identifying and fixing the fault can be difficult. Such a support requirement needs a service that gives quick access to experts who can identify and fix the problem.

Our support service for personal computers and laptops has been specifically designed for organisations that have a small investment in IT and don’t require proactive 24X7 support for their personal computers and laptops. For a fixed monthly cost whenever support is required during normal business hours it is available from our manned helpdesk.

Why do I need it?

It would be easy to sit back and hope that nothing goes wrong with your IT investment. But, just stop for a minute and think how it would impact your business if it did. The implications can be quite far-reaching and costly: from not being able to send out your invoices through to missing an important order via your Web site or e-mail.

Can you afford to take that risk when the cost of this service starts from as little as £11 per personal computers per month?

How much does it cost?

We have made the costs as flexible as possible with prices starting from as little as £11 per personal computers or laptop per month for an annual contract. You can add extra systems at any time during the contract, so that new personal computers and laptops are immediately covered. You can also upgrade to one of our higher level support solutions at any time during the contract if your needs change.

Secure Payment

One off PC Support

  • Quick Access to one of our Microsoft certified engineer.
  • No fee will be charged until we discuss and agree how we can resolve the issue.

Buy Now *maximum call time 45mins

per incident

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